I have finally settled here in Mumbai and starof my contacts at ton work. With the help and support of my friends and family in the UK and India.  I am now sitting peacefully catching up on work in the fantastic "Switch the Hair lounge" near Anderi west. 


A beautiful country, India has become an inspiration and I want to continue this trend and have started taking bookings here and setting up for weddings as well as some projects a little further afield. 

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I came to India on busines and so far I am very happy, updating my book, creating contacts, starting to really push forward with business.  I am happily sitting in a little internet cafe updating my blogs, website and all the other media that I use.  Dwealing with the team here has been fun, creating m\new images and meeting the many friends I have made over my time on facebook etc.


Keep watching my twitter feed and blogs for more updates and news.  

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head shots, art project, travel

So busy lately I haven’t had time to update my blogs with any news.  So here I am.  Lots of new ideas and concepts are buzzing around my head, I am so happy with the feedback from my shoot with the very talented Jamie Sparks. 

I want to try and fit in another shoot soon in that style.  

With all the new things I have on the horizon I am really looking forward to being back  on the horizon again.  I feel like I have been living quietly for a while and its time to get back into the work. 

JamesC is being fully redeveloped and worked to become a brand, with a few things planned for the future I will be looking to really push the artistic side of the work.  

Keep watching for more updates and new images coming over the next few weeks.  

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JamesC news and reviews

I have been working really hard on my business plan and structure.  All th little tweeks and and changes are being fixed. I am talking to so many new perspective clients and have had an amazing few weeks going to London, shooting my own work. 

Creatively I am pushing myself to do some new work and have plans to add to my art project in the coming weeks.  

New business prospects are bing dealt with and the future is looking bright.  

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Business revisions

Alot has been happening of late.  I have been keeping my work as quiet as I can in terms of mass marketing I focus on the quality of the work.  In addition to this I have been doing major revisions on the business plan.  Working with my agent I have redone a revised work for the agency and will be utilising some of this for my own plan and overhauling the professional side of JamesC make up.  

I want to redefine what my job as and work on creative art between working with new and established clients.  

Some of this can of course be seen on Facebook, this site, Google+ and my blogs.  

Want to know more about whats happening? Then please email to discuss how you can be involved in JamesC make up.  

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New images and plan revisions

I am really working hard I promise, I have someone working on a revised plan for my marketing and a meeting lined up with some new contacts/friends who have became a major part of my day to day conversations and Facebook mania. I do seem to spend my early morning reading mmessages and posting. So I decided to update my blog while I was online. Wednesday sees me doing a small gore shoot with an actor friend, we both felt the need to do something new and I am getting the chance to take some pictures which is always good for me. I have been talking to a model in Birmingham about the possibility of shooting together. One of the things I am seriously looking at is a tour, taking workshops on the road and doing something new. I will need to discuss this with my contacts soon. 

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creative changes and redevelopment

I am really unhappy with the current weather and working climate here in Scotland. Seeing alot of changes and what I can only describe as a total lack of business savvy. People are no longer making any kind of effort to work for the credits but are giving away their time and energy for print and film work. Low balling is pointless and you will never be able to raise your prices.

I have been slated for having an opinion that doesn't match others. As many of you know I am believer in hard work, for me commercial, corporate and workshops are bread and butter but here in Scotland I am seeing people offer that service for free just to get a foot in the door and it doesn't work. So I am now in talks with a few new people and working with my agency ( to redevelop my plans and will be alot more selective. .

Sometimes I am truly amazed at the response to my work in Europe and Asia and I am extremely flattered, having recently received some really positive feedback from clients I am going to work on the redevelopment and focus on the quality of the work rather than the quantity. I will still be accepting books but through the agency.

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make up kit and shoots

I have been keeping myself to myself as many of you are aware. Restructuring the business is a slow business that I have to admit I am enjoying. Over the last week I have been selecting new items for my kit, (seventa images I need to order soon), its tough making the choices. Admittedly I have got a partial list and will be really working the budget and making sure I get exactly what I need. Shoot wise I am driving toward the creative and artistic side on my own with plans to bring new designs and plans for some beautiful, wild and colour driven work with a model I have worked with before coming on board. Something I am very happy about as this guy has the perfect look for what I want. Conversely I also want to do some gore shots, creating some really graphic blood and wound work. Need to really plan that well to get what I want and need. My shopping list is getting longer! I think it will be worth every second once I get the images I want, things will just fall into place and I can really do some heavy marketing. Here's a sneak peek at my shopping list: Tn image professional synthetic eye and lip brushes. Ten image Eye shadow Palette 1 Ten image professional brush roll (I've been meaning to get this for weeks and it just hasn't been added yet). 

I am torn between a new pro case like the Paris Berlin or just a really small suitcase. Nimba creations has some amazing creature and ogre effects that I want to look into as well. I will of course post some new images once the shoots are over for all my friend to see.

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stepping up

I am really tired at the moment.  Its been such beautiful weather I have been enjoying it as much as humanly possible and fitting in shoots around relaxing.  My only tf to date has been one of my own as photographer.  

The decision to restrict my time for print work was really hard, there seems to be a never ending stream of it in Scotland.

Meetings and plans have all been pushed around to fit my working pattern and I need to find the time to do a proper update on my website, add the new workshops and start the marketing campaign. 

For more info on workshops email me to discuss.    

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Project development in fashion

Being a make up artist is something I love and professionally I enjoy the whole process of development.  Lately I am working on a personal project with the Phoenix art gallery of Ayrshire as well as devloping the concept to take with me when I join the team at the home of my agency. 

I am working with Ten Image professional as the lead make up for Pakastani week in London.  Which for me is a major honor and I am really feeling the push to be creative. 

Work has already started on the major part of the design work and I am enjoying creating new designs and working on a variety of projects. 

Keep watching for more news and updates. 

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Events and fashion

I am a happy artist at the moment, work and negotiations have begun on my being the lead make up artist for a major event in London and Glasgow with dates being booked through my agency for work further afield.  

Initial designs and marketing have already started on the events and I am very happy that not only am I working on some fantastic shoots in the next few weeks but my travel schedule is changing. Taking a short rest from the hectic runs to and from London I have been focused on getting my house in order and revamping the kit to suit the changes.  

New images are going to be added to my art project folder in the next few days and I am working on some exciting designs for the shows.  Keep watching my various blogs for updates and news.  

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workshops and classes

One of the things I get asked for most commonly is to do workshops and classes.  I do love working on these, it gives me a fantastic oportunity to pass on my skills and meet new people.  With so many women out there looking for lessons I do enjoy the whole process and have spent alot of time doing this for other people.  

Now I have made the scary desicion to go it alone.  I do have some major support from ten image professional and Mercury10 but its still a scary prospect! 

Time is something I do lack and I have to say the idea of doing workshops and classes is really appealing to me and I will be releasing the information on it all soon. 



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Portfolio overhaul


I have been working with the phoenix team for a while now and I am loving every minute of it.  Howver I decided it was tiem to do some porfolio updates including a selection of casualty and gore images.  Keep watching for more. 


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Phoenix art

Something I am finding a real pleasure and that is drivin g me to keep my self busy is my work iwth the team over at Phoenix art galleries.  Jett and JP have been not only a fasntiastic resource for information and not to mention they are two very dear and important friends, we have formed an unlikely coalition.  

With Jett and JP diving their time between painting and the day to day running of the gallery, I have been working along side them.  As well as doing the freelance aspect of my job, preforming make up work for  the talented Stuart Mcallister (who has been a massive inspiration in my photography work) and a cast of others.  I have been able to explore my art and expand myself with body painting freestyle and photography.  

All three of us are firm beleivers in less is more when it comes to editing and I consider myself a learner in all sides, as all good artists should, for me this has been a fantastic journey into new and interesting territiory.  Our collabirations have given each of us a new perspective on our work and as a team we work to gain images that will not only benefit portfolios of our fantastic models but ourselves and provide inspiration for art work.  

Already developing new ideas and expanding on our work as a  team  am enjoying the challenges of being a freelance make up artist, student of photography (learning on shoots) and assistant within the gallery. 

Special thanks goes to each person involved in this team and the evolution of our business together.  


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Rega Mag

I have been working very hard on the latest articles for Rega Magazine, the online magazine I co-founded with my agent Anis.  With massive changes in the wind for the magazine we are extremely excitied with the plans we have ahead.  

With talks under way to bring new marketing teams and a fashion spread to be released quarterly.  Rega mag is now looking like a massive prospect with a greater potential than we ever imagined.  Immensley proud of what we have achieved in such as short time.  With ongoing plans to increase readership of the magazine and a massive campaign to spread the agency to a bigger market, we are working hard in the background to make things happen. 

Personally I am loving writing the articles and planning, talking about my career and sharing insights.  



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Art projects

I have been extremely busy with preperations for my TV shoot that I have been slightly neglectful of my readers on my various blogs.  Skype and Facebook seem to be a dominant force where my work is concerned at the moment.  Which is why I am so happy to say I will be working with the amazing Jett Vivere, the immensley talented artist and all round friend of mine on a personal collabirative project which is not only supported by the gallery but the team at Ten Image Professional UK branch in London. 

We have both been feeling less than arty and very much out of the loop for a few months with only minimal make up work on my side and a heavy focus on the gallery (Phoenix art) on her side.  That we felt the need to push the creative buttons and create something new.  

So with that in mind we spent a fun afternoon over coffee discussng our plans and goals, choosing colours, discussing photographic potential as well as canvas remditions of our efforts and have decided to expand and work within her goggle series of paintings. 

As one of my favourite peices in her work, its a huge honor to be working on the goggle series and doing something new and having a fresh take on this for us both, for m e its about expanding the horizons and moving into new ground for her its a welcome return to an old favourite and giving it a new spin.  

As one of Scotland (and Europes) premier artists I am hugley flattered to be able to work with her and have secured another project with her gallery partner JP McLaughin, admittedly JP and myself did discuss working together first, unfortunately time has whittled away and he is unavailable at the moment so we are making that a part of the TV series.  

Over the next few days I will be making a decided push toward having a rest, I do have a business/personal trip arranged in London and plan to relax a little over the next few days and recharge the batteries and really push myself to get this project going.  

Excitingly this will be a part of the ongoing video for youtube and REga MAg which I contibute to, as well as a good portfolio piece with a contemporary edge.  

Check out more details at:


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New workshops

I have been working on the details for a little while now and I will be hosting workshops called: 

Beauty is ageless and the professional development workshop.  

Designed by me each class is tailored to its target market.  Professional development is for students, mua's, hair and beauty staff looking to build and maintain a freelance career, strictly business this class is for newly qualified or new entrants to the market. Beauty is ageless is a class for women of all ages, tailored to show how to create flawless make up on yourself like a professional.  

Working alongside TEN IMAGE PROFESSIONAL and Cazcarra London, each class is a showcase of what can be achieved with a little effort and energy.  Full details prices and of course a detailed list of the class is available on request. 

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Book shoot

another fantastic concept shoot under my belt.  A book cover. My job is so varied and different each time that I have to admit its fun.  Taking on something new is always a challenge. In this case the clients needs were paramount.  

Creating a stigmata type of wound, not the classic shot of the hands but this time of the spear wound in the side.  I have to admit I am very proud of the image. Its a completely different idea and concept for me to be working on something of this nature.  I have done a great variety of shoots down the years including magazine and website work but this was a first even for me.  

A book ccover is an amazing credit to add to my work and I will be looking for the book to add to my collection so I can say, yep I did that. 

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Brand ambassador award 2011

I am very proud to say that I am the winner of the 2011 brand ambassador award for TEN IMAGE PROFESSIONAL and cazcarra London.  With the variety of work I undertake I need professional make up and work with several brands and have been really impressed with the customers service, product range and general approach to make up. 

As one of the most respected brands in Spain, TEN MAGE PROFESSIONAL is now available in the UK and I am proud to say that I am part of the team and will continue to work with them in 2012 on my own projects as well as their own.  

With a great deal planned for the new year I am extremely happy to be working with such a fantastic team.  

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workshops and projects in development

Over the next month I will be making massive changes to the  way things are run here at JamesC. New workshops will be added in January and will be available throughout the year.  Two of the main ones on offer will be designed for the clients and their needs. Moving forward with classes that will be working along side my current slate of projects in the commercial, corporate and private sector.  


Beauty is ageless, designed for women who want to learn simple make up techniques and experiment with the safety net of having a pro make up artist on hand to help them through.  Demonstrating basic make up techniques and showing the class the tips and tricks of a professional.  

Professional dvelopment class.  Professional development is something I am a firm believer in.  Constantly working to update my skills and bring new clients to my company.  I want to share the techniques and skills that I have learned over 11 years in corporate, commercial and fashion.  I will share those professional skills with you.  Showing you the latest techniques, global make up application allowing you to attract new and varied clients.  This class can be tailored to your needs from media and fashion skills to bridal and special occasions.  Two options in one very crucial area: business.  


All services will be offfered in conjunction with JJ Media and Designs the new umbrella company of my business.  

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Beauty and design

I am a huge fan of design in make up, creating new concepts and ideas especially for shows, from the TV and film arena to fashion and print.  Currently working on new ideas, sketching out concepts and bringing my idea's to life on shoots or just working with clients to help them achieve their potential for a wedding or fashion show.  

Make up is something I am deeply passionate about, contrerary to myth I am still in love with the job.  I still wake up each morning and thinking what new challenges it will bring, or seeing the latest catwalk trends in the magazines, taking this and making it my own. 

Each new season and in some cases the financial market itself can be an influencing factor in what the fashion world sends out.  Each time asking myself how can I translate this to my clients? 

When it comes to the film and video side, I love spending time researching the needs of the shoot.  From the austere 40's to the more extravegent 80's or just creating something wholey new for a music video concept. 

Passion and drive to create are what keep me going.  Keep watching the site for news and updates.  

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Revamped website

Finally the revamp is done!  JamesC make up is offically a working site with new images and work showcased.  

I have been reluctant to upgrade my website for a long time, waiting till I was absolutely ready to bring you all the latest and greatest images.  I have been working tirelessly on workshops, seminars, photoshoots and of course films to create new, stunnign images for you all. 


With special thanks going to Stuart Mcallister photography, Joseph Adams, Joe Gibson and Rhuksana Amhed for their contribution on the photography side and of course my many wonder students and models I have worked with in recent months.  

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News, make up and music video's


Portfolio and business plan are moving along well and I am a little closer to getting my book finished and the site finalized, with a few things to change and images I want to redo, I am working towards having just the best of the best on the site as well as being in talks over  three music video's in the coming months. 


Finances (which in this climate are not great for anyone really) and time allowing I want to check out the make up artist show in Germany this year, having yet to make it to imats. I am always working! I want to see what all the fuss is about and network with the Asian market through contacts I have gained in the UK, oddly through my friends in Glasgow Uni. 

My website and skills are being developed to bring a wider branching service and offer my time to the market. Financially a big gamble right now, but I am determined that within the next few weeks to be announcing some interesting new collaborations with a make up brand, a studio and releasing my first youtube video. 

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Grooming and beauty shoots

I am working on getting some new male grooming shots and beauty work over the next few weeks, working as my own photographer and the ultra talented Louise Cantwell to create a range of images to bolster my (overburdened) portfolio and website for its official launch.

With plans to offer a a specially tailored service for men including:

Special one on one consults and civil partnership services.

Looking at increasing the services and offering a tailored service for the increasing male grooming market and civil partnership services.  For more details drop me a mail. 

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Creative shoots

I have been working for a while on creative development of the website, new images and development of my work. A long process that has been fun and frustrating to organise, but ultimately worth the effort.

To date I have been abl to work with some amazing models and have a few more shoots and plans in development.  Including a shoot this weekend with a new male model to the scene Ayush. 


Working together we plan to create some simple headshots and a more dynamic face paint oriented shot. 


Later this month I am looking at utilsing some of my skills in film make up to create a short video specifcially for youtube and my website.  A double entry of beauty work and a gore shoot, taking you through the steps ogf the make up application using "out of the kit" materials and working in urban area's. 


The locaqtion for now will be kept a secret, we want to make this a fantastic show case and share it all soon.



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James Clark publishes new website

Welcome to James Clark ’s official website. Here you will find all things from the world of James Clark .
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